Procurement and Supply Chain Insights for October 2019

Source One News and Insights – October 2019

Supply Chain News and Insights for October 2019

Procurement News and Insights from Source One



Bridging the Talent Gap in Procurement

Bridging Procurement’s Talent Gap with ISM-Chicago

Source One Consultant Brandon Hummons was appointed Chair of ISM-Chicago’s Emerging Leaders Committee earlier this year. The Committee’s first event was held on October 30th. The panel welcomed a number of Procurement and Supply Chain Management thought leaders to discuss strategies for closing the function’s talent gap.

Tariff and Trade War Webinar

ISM-NJ Webinar on Tariffs and Trade War Uncertainty

Procurement has its hands full under the best of circumstances. With a trade war raging and new tariffs popping up every day, it’s definitely not the best of circumstances. On November 6th,  Source One Senior Analyst Sam Cagle will host an ISM-New Jersey on the subject. He’ll share tips for partnering with suppliers and building a more resilient business.



Supply Chain Concerns for Popeye's

Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich: Supply Chain Mishap or Savvy Marketing

Popeyes’ ran out of its popular spicy chicken sandwich shortly after the menu item started a feud with Chick-Fil-A and wowed diners across the glove. Is this mysterious news the result of a supply chain mishap? Or is the announcement a secret marketing tactic to make consumers yearn for what they can’t have? Arthur Piszczor shares his theory on Popeye’s line of attack.


5G and the Supply Chain

What Impact will the Dawn of 5G Have on Your Supply Chain?

The widespread use of 5G is only a year or two away. That means companies are running out of time to figure out how they’ll optimize their processes and organizational structures for the highest speed of internet the world has ever seen. With cybersecurity and user-friendliness to consider, will global supply chains be able to keep up? Learn more in this blog from Source One’s Jose Schnieder.


Holiday Shopping and the Retail Supply Chain

Holiday Sales May Not Be All That Jolly

The low unemployment rates and optimal stock market trends mean the United States economy is looking good as 2019 draws to a close. So why aren’t sales projections for the holiday season looking too hot? Read this blog to learn more about why economists and retailers alike are predicting a less-than-jolly holiday shipping season. We could see more brands fall victim to the retail apocalypse before the year is over.


Collecting Supply Chain Market Intelligence

Market Intelligence: Part IV – Asking the Right Questions

Market knowledge means nothing if you didn’t find the right information. For a strong market intelligence strategy, be sure to customize the list of what you’re looking for to align with the goals of that specific project. Siara Singleton identifies the questions every organization should ask its stakeholders and suppliers to ensure they’re getting the insights they need to make smart, strategic decisions.


What's Next for the Food Supply Chain?

Is There Room for Growth in the Food Supply Chain

The food industry may need to look to new tech to improve production. Consumers are demanding responsibly-sourced ingredients and food waste is becoming a serious issue for food producers. More likely than not, organizations will leverage emerging tools to fix obsolete food processes and strategies. Will tools like AI and Blockchain be able to satisfy the conscientious consumer?


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