Procurement consulting firm wins fourth consecutive Green Award from Supply and Demand Chain

11/9 – Source One Wins 2015 Green Award

Source One Receives Supply and Demand Chain Executive's Green Award for the Fourth Year in a Row

Willow Grove, PA (November 9, 2015)-

Supply and Demand Chain Executive Magazine has officially released its list of 2015 Green Award winners; among them, Source One Management Services.The premier magazine for supply management professionals annually recognizes companies and service providers for taking significant steps to achieve sustainability in the supply chain. This year, Source One has been recognized for helping clients reach their sustainability goals by making green options affordable by implementing strategic sourcing methodologies.

As the fourth year in a row win for the company, Source One’s CEO Steve Belli commented; “As supply management consultants, we are constantly challenging ourselves to think outside the box to deliver results for our clients, so we are honored to be recognized for doing so in a way that promotes sustainability. It is our goal to make green sourcing not only a practical and effective operating model, but an affordable one as well.”

While going green continues to be a growing trend for companies backed by an increasingly environmentally conscious consumers, many organizations are still lacking the market insight and know-how to implement sustainable changes in the supply chain on their own. Worse, many companies turn away from green programs altogether out of fear the costs are too high. For decades Source One has challenged that misconception, providing sustainable solutions at comparable costs with a plethora of benefits.

“When it comes to supply chain management and procurement, we often see that businesses don’t believe that ‘low costs’ and ‘sustainability’ can go hand in hand”, Source One’s VP of Operations, William Dorn explains. “A major component of our approach with each client is to educate these organizations by presenting the market intelligence that challenges this misconception. Furthermore, not only do we strive to identify affordable green options, but bring the necessary information to the table to ease the decision-making process in favor of sustainability.”

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