Strategic Sourcing Success Story: IT Equipment & Internet Service

Strategic Sourcing Success Story: IT Equipment & Internet Service

In preparing its membership for the upcoming 2012 presidential election, the largest labor union in North America, needed to set up temporary satellite offices across the country to respond to the significant impact this election would have on its 1.8 million members.  These temporary regional branches needed to be launched quickly and be up and running in a moment’s notice.

Having worked with Source One to reduce operating costs at its headquarters, permanent branch offices, and subsidiaries, the large labor union enlisted Source One’s IT subject-matter experts to develop and mobilize a plan that would allow for real-time sourcing of IT equipment and internet service as needed to get regional locations up and running.  This also allowed the client to adjust their regional presence as necessary without periods of inactivity.


The Challenge

Source One’s IT sourcing team created a customized plan to source equipment to fulfill operational requirements of each regional office on a tight timeline.  They worked with the client to build specifications for each piece of equipment including copiers with fax and scanning capabilities, computers, and cables as well as internet service.

Without the presence of IT staff at the regional facilities, Source One served as an extension of the labor union’s IT resource throughout the election initiative.

The Solution

Upon notification of a new temporary office, an expedient RFP process was implemented which allowed Source One to perform timely market assessments and identify a supply base that could meet the challenging timelines of the project while providing low cost, high quality products  and services.

Source One and the client worked with both national and local suppliers to activate each temporary site.  As the labor union’s external IT team, Source One submitted product orders to the client as well as tracked orders and deliveries.  To meet the 24 to 48 hour turnaround time for getting a new site up and running, Source One suggested refurbished products with short-term warrantees.

To provide IT support to the satellite offices, Source One negotiated a contract with an IT call center who could solve installation issues or troubleshoot problems.  The contract also allowed for each satellite facility to schedule an on-site visit by a technician should one be necessary.


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