Supplier Benchmarking White Paper

Supplier Benchmarking White Paper

Strategic Sourcing Consultant Releases New Supplier Benchmarking White Paper

Source One explores supplier benchmarking best practices in new white paper.

Willow Grove, Pa. – November 11, 2014

Source One Management Services has just released a white paper entitled, Attain Best in Class Status and A Competitive Advantage through Cross-Industry Benchmarking. This report allows readers to gain insight on how the use of supplier benchmarking is extremely valuable for companies looking to leverage market data to measure performance and better manage their supply chain.

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“Many benchmarking services only shares a bird’s eye view of the marketplace,” states Lindsey Fandozzi, Director at Source One and head of the supplier benchmarking practice. “Proper supplier benchmarking methods look at financial information, business processes, and competitor’s operations as well as their business strategy. It can provide not just data, but actionable steps towards improvement.”

For organizations focused on improvement, benchmarking can help identify problem areas where there is opportunity for renegotiated contract terms, a more efficient supplier, or more competitive pricing. This white paper explains the road to strategic advancement, detailing best practices and action plans to pave the way for operational success. It serves as the new standard for any professional currently seeking an opportunity to strengthen their competitive position in the market.

Source One also offers other white papers on supply chain optimization and spend management strategies. >> Procurement and Sourcing Whitepapers and Research.

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Source One benchmarks suppliers and market conditions utilizing proprietary research methodologies combined with our access to real-time market intelligence to provide companies with the insight they need. We offer benchmarking services for pricing, contract terms, and service levels across a variety of industries and spend categories.
Our benchmark experts provide market research and reports customized to your organization’s specific needs. We go above and beyond the typical process, preparing benchmarking reports that are detailed, tailored, provide actionable recommendations and long-term strategies for each spend category.

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