Source One Partners with ISM New Jersey for Upcoming Webinar on Supplier Relationship Management

6/19 – Webinar on Supplier Segmentation and Management

Source One Hosts Webinar Discussing Supplier Segmentation

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Willow Grove, PA (June 19, 2019) – The Institute for Supply Management (ISM) doesn’t take a vacation from promoting Procurement education and empowering emerging professionals. Throughout the summer months, ISM’s New Jersey chapter will sponsor a series of thought leadership webinars hosted by notable Procurement executives. On July 17th, Jennifer Ulrich, a Director at Source One, a Corcentric Company, will offer her insights in a presentation titled End-to-End Supplier Relationship Management: Driving Value Through Segmentation.

As Procurement groups evolve, so do the obstacles and risk factors facing them. “That’s why,” says Ulrich, “it’s so important for the function to take a strategic approach to building partnerships with suppliers. Holding suppliers at arm’s length or  attempting to introduce a one-size-fits-all strategy won’t work for organizations looking to truly elevate Procurement. I hope my webinar can inspire attendees to rethink their methods for engaging suppliers and ultimately make Procurement a more effective, collaborative partner.”

The supply base, Ulrich suggests, is rarely uniform. Even for small organizations, it’s made up of suppliers of varying sizes and maturity levels. As such, it’s best approached through a process of supplier segmentation. “Strategic, Essential, Commodity, and Transactional suppliers each require their own unique approach. Engaged effectively, they’ll each also provide their own unique kind of value.”

Recognized industry-wide as an authority on Procurement Transformation and Category Management, Ulrich is a veteran of ISM-sponsored events. She will call upon these experiences as well as more than a decade of successful initiatives to outline the benefits of strategic, thoughtful supplier engagement.

Registration for next month’s webinar closes at 4:00PM Eastern on July 16th. ISM members and non-members alike are invited to register. Until then, Supply Management professionals are invited to hear conversations with Ulrich on the Source One Podcast and read blogs from the supplier relationship expert and her colleagues on the Strategic Sourceror.

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