Supply Management News and Insights for July 2019

Source One News and Insights – July 2019

Supply Chain Updates and Insights for July 2019

Procurement News and Insights


ISM-Chicago and Source One's Emerging Leaders

Source One Consultant to Chair ISM-Chicago Committee

ISM-Chicago has selected Source One Consultant Brandon Hummons to serve as chair for its Emerging Leaders Committee. In this capacity Hummons will work alongside ISM-Chicago’s President to engage young Supply Chain professionals and drive the organization into a new era.

Tail Spend Management Podcasts

Source One Director Talks Spend Management on Podcasts

Source One Director Anthony Mignona has offered his thoughts on effective spend management in a pair of recent podcast episodes. Joining Buyers Meeting Point’s Kelly Barner for both conversations, Mignona addresses subjects including Supply Management’s ongoing digital revolution and the hidden value that’s often found in so-called tail spend.



Procurement's Essential Metrics and KPIs

KPIs vs. Metrics: Why Should Procurement Care?

You need to know how to use the data you’re collecting about your company, or it won’t be valuable. If you didn’t already know, KPIs and metrics aren’t the same. Both will help youm but you cannot generate value from one without additional context from the other. Brian Seipel will explain why reducing costs and risks is more likely when you’re able to make this distinction.


Evolving the Retail Shopping Experience

Retailers Effectively Digitizing the Shopping Experience

Customers who visit stores, but make their actual purchases online used to be a retailer’s nightmare. Luckily, with new mobile tech designs, companies are using the both online shopping and in-store experiences to their advantage. Some mobile apps are finding new customers by prompting product discovery online to be bought in-store.


The Full Cost of Your Packaging Dollars

Understanding the True Costs of Packaging – Transportation

The low direct costs of packaging may mislead you into thinking that packaging decisions won’t seriously impact your supply chain. Don’t make this mistake anymore! Anything from product protection to handling can impact your entire company and you want to make sure you’re making all the right moves. This four-part series will examine some hidden costs.


Fleet Spend Evaluation Best Practices

Don’t Ask for the Unreasonable in a Negotiation 

Is there always a winner and a loser in a negotiation? There doesn’t need to be. While your company’s needs are important, so are the other party’s. You should aim to reach a level ground; not win. Maintaining mutuality on the bargaining grounds is possible and will likely lead to a healthier supplier relationship. This blog offers practices to avoid at all costs.


Digitization in the Fast Food Procurement Space

Technology and the Fast Food Supply Chain

Many companies are turning to AI to gain a competitive advantage and fast food giants are among them. Online ordering and suggestion generation are valuable features that are becoming ubiquitous thanks to apps and big data. Customer satisfaction, too, is on the rise. Nicole O’Connell shares some real industry examples of how AI is impacting fast food.


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