Supply Chain Insights and News for May 2019

Source One News and Insights – May 2019

Supply Management News, Insights,and Updates for May 2019

Procurement News and Insights from Source One


Corcentric Purchases Determine

Corcentric Acquires Determine

Corcentric, the leading provider of Finance and Procurement automation solutions, has finalized its acquisition of Determine. Corcentric will absorb all of the Source-to-Pay solution provider’s assets and continue to support clients in refining the ways they pay, purchase, and get paid. Purchasing Determine promises to transform Corcentric’s approach.

Source One to Speak at Procurious Big Ideas Summit

Source One Sponsors Big Ideas Summit

Source One’s spend management thought leaders will join a select group of industry professionals at the Procurious Big Ideas Summit in Chicago this September. In addition attending and sponsoring, Source One will deliver a keynote presentation focused on the firm’s game-changing initiatives and world-class approach.



Can We Make Procurement Easier To Relate To

Can We Make Procurement Relatable?

We’ve all been there – explaining the Procurement profession in detail only to be met with a blank stare. In his latest blog, Source One Consultant Jonathan Groda offers his suggestions for how Procurement and Supply Management professionals can put a more human face on their field and better answer, “What do you do?”


Brexit's Impact on Big Pharna

Brexit: A Logistical Complexity for Big Pharma

The United Kingdom is planning to leave the European Union in October. This promises to introduce a number of complications for the country’s public health supply chains. Medication shortages could wind up exacerbated by the the European Medicines Agency’s move from London to Amsterdam. What’s next? That remains to be seen.


Walgreens Introduces New Supply Chain Leader

Walgreens the Latest Company to Appoint Supply Chain Leader

Walgreens is following in Macy’s footsteps by introducing a new executive-level Supply Chain role. With a Chief Supply Chain Officer at the helm, the organization looks to make the most of several recent moves. Like Macy’s, the corporation hopes they’ll find a way to stave of the retail apocalypse and evolve to the changing landscape for years to come.


Burger King Adds Impossible Burger to Its Menu

Burger King Adds Plant-Based Meats to Its Menu

Chains across the country are looking to meet demand for plant-based diets by introducing new items to their. The Impossible Burger, in particular, has seen its popularity surge. Burger King is the latest chain to introduce the revolutionary, plant-based ‘meat’ to its menu. Soon, they hope to roll it out nationwide.


Walmart Will Offer Free One-Day Shipping

Walmart Will Introduce One-Day Shipping, Too

Amazon recently announced its intention to offer Prime subscribers free, one-day shipping. Not to be outdone, Walmart announced a major initiative of their own. They’ll soon offer all online shoppers free, two-day shipping. The retailer took to Twitter to send some jabs at Amazon who only offers the perk to a certain sector of customers.


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