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Supply Chain News and Insights – December 2019

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Webinar on Recession-Proof Procurement

Homeowners, economists, and Supply Chain professionals agree that another recession is incoming – and fast. On January 16, Corcentric Senior Analyst Sam Cagle will discuss Procurement’s recession-proofing powers in a webinar sponsored by the Institute for Supply Management’s New Jersey chapter. Register today to learn more about how Procurement can help your organization thrive during economic downturns. Register today.

Awards for Green Supply Chain Management

Corcentric S2P Team Wins Green Supply Chain Award

Once again, Corcentric’s world-class Source-to-Pay team has earned Supply and Demand Chain Executive (SDCE)’s Green Supply Chain Award. Every year, SDCE recognizes the forward-thinking organizations that are making sustainable supply chains a reality. Corcentric is recognized for helping a specialty logistic courier carry out a route optimization project that not only saved time and money, but dramatically reduced the company’s carbon footprint.



A New Kind of Procurement Team

Procurement 2020: A New Kind of Workforce

For years, Procurement leaders have been building a “blended workforce.” Typically, the term refers to a mix of both full-time and contract resources. Today, however, the advent of automated technologies and artificial intelligence has given “blended workforce” a new meaning. It now refers to a workforce made up of both humans and machines. Does your organization have the right mix?


What Will Drones Mean for the Supply Chain?

Are Drones the Future of the Supply Chain?

Unmanned aerial vehicles (or drones) have already revolutionized areas as disparate as photography and warfare. Experts are hopeful that they’ll soon bring big changes to the worlds of Logistics and Supply Chain Management. This blog examines some of the changes drones are expected to bring about as well as the obstacles that are still standing in the way of adoption.


Are You Engaging the Wrong Consultnat

6 Signs You Hired a Terrible Consultant

Not all consultants are created equal. While some will provide the supplementary resources and support your business needs, others won’t prove so conscientious. They’ll look for any and every opportunity to do less work and collect more money. In this blog, Corcentric’s Brian Seipel shares a few warning signs to look out for the next time you engage a consultant (or a firm full of them).


Examining the Ugly Christmas Sweater Supply Chain

The Problem with Ugly Christmas Sweaters

There’s nothing uglier than a wasteful, exploitative supply chain. Unfortunately, that’s exactly how most novelty Christmas sweaters (most of which are really sweatshirts, anyway) find their way to parties across the country. This blog examines the outsize human and environmental cost of this seasonal tradition. Want to get in on the spirit next year? Consider knitting a sweater of your own.


Is Your Warehouse Fully Automated?

The 4 Levels of Warehouse Automation

Warehouses don’t go from manual to fully-automated over night.  Rather, automation is typically a process of gradual optimization and resource allocation. This blog examines the different levels of automation that your warehouse might already have in place. Check it to see how your organization stacks up. With a better understanding of the term, automation will stop sounding so scary.


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