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Source One News and Insights – January 2019

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Procurement News and Insights


Will We See You at ExecIn?

Source One to Host Procurement Executive Forum at ISM2019

For the fourth year in a row, Source One’s spend management team will collaborate with the Institute for Supply Management to host the ExecIn Forum. This private component of ISM2019 will provide executive-level attendees with additional opportunities to network, exchange insights, and absorb thought leaderships. In addition to thought-provoking discussions around some of Procurement’s hottest topics, the two-day sub-conference will feature private keynote presentations from Janet Yellen and Carly Fiorina.


The Case for Soft Skills in Procurement and Supply Chain Management Procurement in 2019: The Case for Soft Skills

The new year’s most popular blog examines the paradox of Procurement’s approach to talent. While most CPOs worry their teams don’t have what it takes to deliver, a surprising few are actively taking steps to correct the situation. In addition to calling for a greater focus on training, the blog asks Procurement leaders to consider emphasizing so-called soft skills. Often dismissed as low value, these are the qualities that should come to define excellence in Supply Management.

Trade Wars Likely to Disrupt Supply Chains in the New Year Trade Wars and Tariff Uncertainty to Continue to Disrupting the Supply Chain in 2019 

The effects of the Trump administration’s changes to trade policy impacted supply chains across the globe throughout 2018. Forbes recently identified the trade war as the year’s single most important supply chain story. Though the trade war cooled over the holidays, experts expect the issues associated with it to reemerge throughout the new year. Small organizations are particular vulnerable. Whatever the year holds, it’s clear that agility and adaptability are more important than ever.

Procurement Transformation Insights

The Journey from Purchasing to Procurement – Part 1

Kicking off a new series on Procurement Transformation, Consultant Jaisheela Setty outlines the steps an organization can take to evolve its Procurement function. Purchasing teams become Procurement teams, she suggests, when they adopt a proactive, strategic approach to their activities. The benefits of such an approach are numerous. When companies commit to driving Procurement’s evolution, they produce greater value, eliminate inefficiencies, and boost the quality of their supplier relationships.

Addressing Poor Supply Chain Visibility in 2019

Procurement in 2019: Addressing the Visibility Issue

Among the more pressing issues facing today’s Procurement groups, low visibility leaves organizations vulnerable to an incalculable number of risks. Unfortunately, organizations without insights into their supply chain vastly outnumber those with insights. Source One calls on organizations to address the issue in a new year. In addition to helping mitigate risk and boost efficiency, increasing visibility makes it possible to address consumers with greater transparency.

Climate Change Poses a Threat to the Coffee Supply Chain

Study Finds Climate Change a Major Threat to Coffee Procurement 

The 64% of American citizens who enjoy a daily cup of coffee could soon find themselves missing out on their morning buzz. A recent study published in Science Advances has found that climate change threatens to totally wipe out as much as 60% of wild-grown coffee. The effects of climate change on the coffee change are likely to have an outsize impact for farmers and distributors across Africa. The whole world, however, could find itself contending with increased prices.


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