Supply Chain News and Insights for June of 2019

Source One News and Insights – June 2019

The Latest in Supply Chain, Procurement, and Spend Management News

Procurement News and Insights


Discussing Strategic Supplier Relationships with ISM-NJ

Discussing Supplier Relationship Management in ISM Webinar

In a webinar sponsored by ISM-New Jersey, Source One Director Jennifer Ulrich shared her insights on effective supplier relationship management. Advocating for a segmented, strategic approach she shared the best practices she’s learned over a decade of effective initiatives.

2019's Top 100 Supply Chain Projects

Source One Earns SCDE’s Top 100 Projects Award for 2019

Once again, Source One has earned a spot on Supply and Demand Chain Executive’s list of the year’s most impactful and innovative supply chain projects.  This time around, the Source One team is recognized for helping a specialty logistics provider carry out a comprehensive Procurement Transformation.



Why Supplier Diversity is Essential

5 Benefits of a Supplier Diversity Program

An increasingly diverse business world means it’s more important than ever to build relationships with a diverse range of business partners. Dedicated Supplier Diversity programs make it easy to take a proactive approach. Source One’s Brandon Hummons outlines the benefits of such a program.


Transform the Way Procurement Thinks

Having the Right Mindset in Procurement

Source One VP Joe Payne suggests that Procurement cannot transform its operations – or its results – without first transforming its mindset. The function, he writes, needs to recognize that it’s capable of driving considerable change and start holding its self accountable for doing so. Read on for more.


Supply Chain Managers Prepare for Wild Weather

Beleagured Businesses Preparing for More Wild Weather

With hurricane season newly underway, the Strategic Sourceror shares best practices for developing an effective disaster response plan. This time of year, it’s not a question of if extreme weather will strike. Providers instead have to plan and execute their responses when these events occur.


Fleet Spend Evaluation Best Practices

Fleet Management in Procurement: Where to Start Evaluations 

Fleet is a broad subcategory comprising countless smaller subcategories. While many of these are tempting to neglect as tactical or low-value, Ken Ballard suggests they’re often the best place to start generating savings and making the Fleet category a serious value generator.


Get Best-in-Class Procurement on Day 1

How to Get Best-in-Class Procurement From Day 1: Buy It

Establishing a mature, strategic Procurement teams takes a lot of time and effort. The more hands-off your historical approach to Procurement, the more this is true. Source One’s Ben Duffy encourages organizations eager for a new kind of Procurement to seek out partners who can do it all.


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