Supply Chain News and Updates for September 2019

Source One News and Insights – September 2019

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Procurement's Role in Surviving a Recession

Preparing Procurement for the Next Recession

I’m sure you seen the headlines, another recession is coming. That means it’s time to develop a new more risk-averse, and agile approach to every aspect of your business. For Procurement, a recession presents a perfect opportunity to take a leading role. In a presentation at the Smart Manufacturing, Sam Cagle will advocate for Procurement’s value.

Busting Procurement Transformations Myths and Misconceptions

Debunking Procurement Transformation Myths

Myths and misconceptions still keep a number of organizations from committing to Procurement Transformation. Fearing costs and push-back, they neglect to invest in evolving their purchasing function. Over the years, Source One has heard every excuse in the book. In their new whitepaper they separate fact from fiction and advocate for transformation.



These Colleges Offer the Nation's Best SCM Programs

The Best Academic Supply Chain Programs

Looking the fill a gap within your organization? Want to invigorate Procurement with an influx of new talent? You might want to start with a look at the nation’s top Procurement and Supply Chain Management programs. Siara Singleton takes a closer look at five schools that have distinguished themselves as the best of the best.


Building Greener, More Responsible Supply Chains

More Being Done to Make Supply Chains Eco-Friendly

A green, responsible supply chain is no longer simply a “nice to have.” It’s a necessity for any organization looking to maintain a competitive advantage and serve a new generation of discerning, engaged customers.  Big name brands are committing to eliminating waste, investing in renewable energy, and generally cleaning up their act. What’s next?


How Does Chinese Agriculture Impact Global Pharma?

How Does China’s Pork Market Affect American Pharmaceuticals?

China’s pork market (the world’s largest) is suffering. It’s not affecting dinner tables, but already having ripple effects throughout the global pharmaceutical industry. Heparin, a powerful anti-coagulant, is derived as a by-product from the China’s pork industry. With fewer pigs, there’s naturally fewer heparin. How will organizations respond?


Hurricane Dorian Wreaks Havoc on North American Supply Chain

Delivery Delays About Due to Hurricane Dorian 

Hurricane Dorian has come and gone, but it’s impacts are just beginning to be felt. Organizations throughout the affected regions have seen their supply chains slowed down and even stopped by extreme weather. Now, they’re hard at work repairing their businesses and safe-guarding themselves against the next series of storms.


Optimizing Spend in the Direct Mail Category

The Efficacy of Postal Optimization in Print and Mail Services

The Marketing space is evolving, but direct mail and materials are still a valuable resource for engaging and inspiring customers. Source One’s Michael Vu takes a look at this spend category and offers his insights for optimizing Print and Mail Services spend. Check out the blog to gain a new perspective on this oft-forgotten category.


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