Source One Procurement and Strategic Sourcing April 2017 Newsletter

The ReSource – April 2017

Source One Newsletter- April 2017

Source One offers the latest insights in Procurement, Supply Management, and Strategic Sourcing in this newsletter


New Source One Whitepaper Presents the Value of Strategic Sourcing Throughout the Product Lifecycle

Source One’s latest white paper, Strategic Sourcing Throughout the Product Lifecycle presents the case for why Strategic Sourcing and Procurement organizations should be engaged throughout the product lifecycle to deliver additional value beyond simply cost savings. Reinforced with case study examples, Source One’s Direct Materials experts and contributors to the whitepaper share the results they’ve achieved by collaborating with key stakeholder teams at each phase, including Market Need, Product Design, Manufacturing, After Sales Service, and Product End of Life. The white paper elaborates on the many advantages of collaboration between SS&P and engineering groups, including reducing costs before the need arises, achieving a full perspective of the market landscape, and tuning in to supplier capabilities for innovative alternatives.

Source One Experts Recognized as Provider Pros to Know

The Supply Chain and Demand Executive Magazine announced the recipients of their 2017 Pros to Know award, including Source One CEO Steven Belli, Director Diego De la Garza, and Consultant Torey Guingrich. Source One’s ability to deliver supply management solutions begins with Belli’s vision to be a firm enabled by technology, as Guingrich applied these best practices to bridge the gap between IT and Procurement groups for her clients to achieve improved business performance company-wide. As the leading force behind Source One’s Nearshoring Practice, De la Garza shares his knowledge of the Latin American cultural and economic market landscape for sourcing and procurement initiatives. These experts are recognized for their individual efforts and accomplishments in the industry, as well as their ability to take initiative and exhibit an entrepreneurial spirit that promotes creative thinking to discover creative solutions for client’s supply chain and sourcing challenges.


 Master Data Management as a Key Driver of Supply Chain Excellence

Master Data Management as a Key Driver of Supply Chain Excellence

As a technology platform that allows businesses and IT to create data uniformity, Master Data Management (MDM) has the potential to optimize supply chain operations. This database can be a solution for managing parts information, inventory management and forecasting, and optimizing purchasing leverage across multiple business silos. Source One Senior Analyst Jennifer Engel explains the benefits MDM can have in compiling data visibility that improves data accuracy, significance, and quantity for the supply chain industry.

 Block Chain: How can it REALLY be applied to Supply Chain

Block Chain: How can it REALLY be applied to Supply Chain 

Originally developed for the internet currency, Bitcoin, Block chain is a database that can record transactions with a block system that offers reliable records and valuable information in a secure setting. Block chain has the potential to be applied to the supply chain industry, once developed and matured to include a full and complete history of the production costs of buyer’s goods. Source One Senior Analyst Matt Chabanon explains how this could create transparency between buyer and seller, and once the technology has adapted to allow members of the block chain community to select the data they wish to track and record, how it can impact the supply chain industry.


 Fleet Management – Savings through Incentives

Fleet Management – Savings through Incentives

During contract negotiations for fleet management services, it’s important to consider your options for incentive structures that can be included to create a best-in-class contract. Whether it be a signing bonus, services rebate, annual loyalty incentive, or unit discounts, Source One Senior Analyst Jonathan Groda recommends evaluating all opportunities to boost competitiveness during negotiations. With the ability to take a creative approach to this part of the contract, you can ensure you’re adjusting to the continuously changing list of service providers and technologies available.


Source One to be featured as Exclusive Sponsor of ISM2017 sub-conference ExecIn – May 21st -24th

Source One is a proud sponsor of the premier supply management event of the year, the Institute for Supply Management’s Annual Conference and the exclusive sponsor of the executive-only subconference, ExecIn. The three day conference, taking place in Orlando, Florida, aims to provide supply management professionals with actionable insights for enhancing supply chain challenges. ExecIn, a private event for supply chain and procurement leaders of companies with over $1.2B in annual revenue, features a specialized agenda tailored to addressing the unique supply chain challenges facing these firms.

Road to Synergy – Baltimore, MD – June 6th

As a Gold Sponsors, Source One is looking forward to the Road to SYNERGY kicking off with a stop in Baltimore, Maryland. Organized by the host of SYNERGY, Corporate United, the Road to Synergy provides regional events for smaller scale opportunities to learn and network before the national meeting later in the year. These one-day events welcome professionals local to the area for the same inspiring, educational, and performance-focused sessions that the bi-annual national conference provides.

ISM Risk Management Conference – June 14th

Source One’s cost reduction experts will be attending ISM New York’s Risk Management Conference coming up in June (rescheduled from it’s original  March date due to weather). Procurement and Strategic Sourcing teams play a crucial role in identifying hidden complications within supply management ops and taking action to minimize disruption. The event aims to discuss the emerging risks facing companies today as supply chain operations become increasingly globalized and digital.


The ReSource - April 2017
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The ReSource - April 2017
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