Source One's Procurement and Strategic Sourcing Newsletter for March and April 2018

The ReSource – March/April 2018

Source One Newsletter - March/April 2018

Strategic Sourcing News and Insights



Procurement Leaders Attend Acceleration Conference

Source One’s innovative Procurement team joined like-minded industry professionals at JAGGAER’s REV2018 Conference. Dedicated to acceleration, innovation, and education in Procurement, the conference provided countless opportunities to discuss the function’s strategic evolution. The conference’s agenda also featured a presentation from Source One’s Associate Director and Procurement Transformation Practice Lead, Jennifer Ulrich. In ‘Maximizing Fuel Efficiency’ she offered best practices for maximizing Procurement’s strategic value and efficiency.

Procurement Transformation Experts Unveil Technology Advisory Practice

As solution providers turn their focus toward developing core competencies, the Procurement Technology landscape looks more overwhelming than ever for today’s organizations. That’s why Source One’s Strategic Sourcing experts are pleased to announce their new Procurement Technology Advisory practice.  This extension of the Procurement leaders’ service offering will empower clients with an end-to-end solution for selecting and implementing best-fit technologies.


Keeping Top Procurement Professionals Motivated

How Can Managers Motivate Procurement’s Top Performers

Even Procurement’s top performers sometimes need extra motivation to continue producing world-class results. MRA Global Sourcing’s talent management experts share their tips for boosting the performance of emerging leaders. The key, they suggest, is to provide consistent oversight and feedback with becoming a micro-manager. Knowing their managers are invested will inspire employees to work harder and grow professionally.

Strategic Sourcing Addresses Climate Risks

Are Supply Chains Ready for Climate Change

Procurement and Supply Management’s strategic evolution has seen the function accept a new risk management role within many organizations. The increased prevalence of extreme and unpredictable weather could provide an opportunity to further distinguish itself.  With deep research and consistent communication, can help companies better prepare for whatever comes next.

Engaging Stakeholders with Effective Procurement

Is Procurement Engaging Stakeholders During Kickoff Properly

Historically, Marketing and Procurement are not known for their close relationship. Speaking different languages and priding different objectives, the departments are known to butt heads. Source One’s Liz Skipor, a Marketing Strategic Sourcing expert, shares her tops for effectively engaging Marketing stakeholders and promoting closer, more strategic collaboration.

When is Procurement Finished With Negotiations?

Calling it Quits: Signs That a Negotiation Has Reached Maximum Potential

Procurement’s true leaders are born negotiators. Applying their expertise to this all-important step in the sourcing process, they’re able to achieve more strategic agreements. In some instances, however, prolonging negotiations is actually a waste of resources. Source One’s Jennifer Engel describes a number of scenarios in which Procurement would do best to call it quits.

Retail Supply Chains are Evolving

Retail’s Supply Chain Future: Streamlined and Fully Digitized

Procurement’s increasingly essential role within organizations means that purchasing teams have accepted a slew of new responsibilities. Understandably, many organizations are looking for outside help to supplement their Procurement teams’ efforts. Traditional BPOs are no longer the only option for these companies. The Procurement staffing experts at Source One share some additional employment models capable of extending Procurement’s resources.


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