Save Money on Groceries with Tips from Source One

Tips to Save Money….on groceries.

Start Saving Money on Groceries with These Tips

Each month Source One will provide some tips to save money in various ways. These tips will be brought to you by our own internal team, this month’s tip focuses on saving money on groceries and was provided by Save Money Button for Strategic SourcingLeigh Merz, Project Manager.

When comparing generic and brand name foods there should only be two questions that come to mind: is there a difference in price and can you taste a difference? To the average consumer’s palate there is no difference in taste, however your wallet can certainly tell the difference in cost. The truth is in almost every case the generic item will cost less than the brand name equivalent…sometimes 30% or more. Next time you go shopping look at the generic brand of product you are buying, for everything, there is almost always a less expensive substitute and the savings can really add up week to week.

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