Tips to Save Money….on vacation

Save Money Button for Strategic SourcingEach month Source One will provide some tips to save money in various ways. These tips will be brought to you by our own internal team, this month’s tip focuses on saving money on vacation and was provided by Danielle Rosato, Project Analyst.

The summer is here which means time to go to the beach and enjoy time with family and friends. As many know, during the summer months hotels and vacation rentals raise their prices to make up for their losses during the off-season months. With the increasing prices of vacation rentals during the summer months, some may find it hard to fit into their budget.

The solution. Planning your vacation for the off-season can make your expensive dream vacation affordable while also avoiding the summer crowds. Many vacation spots begin to offer off-season pricing the last week of August, usually when kids are going back to school. For example, in the Outer Banks, if you visit during the peak of summer, prices can be as high as $6,800 for a 5 bedroom house, if you wait until the end of August you will see a drop of $5,195 or a week later another drop to $3,795. If you have children who are unable to miss school, another great time to take advantage of off-season pricing is during Christmas vacation and/or spring break. So before you plan that next big vacation, consider traveling in the off-season to achieve an affordable vacation.

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