Whyabe 2006 Summary

Whyabe 2006 Summary

WhyAbe.com Celebrates a Successful 2006

Procurement professionals adopt WhyAbe.com tools to control costs, manage performance, ensure compliance, and quickly deliver value.

Willow Grove, Pennsylvania, December 14, 2006

See some e-sourcing hightlights of 2006.

WhyAbe.com continues to show great success as the first and only website to offer free procurement tools, including; RFX & Reverse Auctions, Seller’s Listings, and a proprietary Supplier Database.

2006 Highlights in Electronic Sourcing

“WhyAbe.com intends to continue to extend the capabilities of its free sourcing tools into 2007 with the addition of Free Contract Management,” stated CEO Steven Belli.

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Procurement Service Provider

WhyAbe Development
Developed by the strategic sourcing professionals at Source One, WhyAbe was originally an internal sourcing tool set that is now available to the general public to use at no cost.

Strategic Sourcing Services
Source One offers strategic sourcing resources as an on-demand service to our clients. We can help in any phase of your procurement initiatives.

Strategic Sourcing Services

Telecom Focus for Strategic Sourcing
Telecommunications sourcing initiatives often cannot obtain the best results through the use of a single strategy such as an RFP. Our team will help you develop the best strategy to obtain the best results.

Strategic Sourcing Specialists for Telecom