WhyAbe.com Continues to Innovate, Providing Free E-Sourcing Solutions

WhyAbe.com Continues to Innovate, Providing Free E-Sourcing Solutions

Just last week, Source One announced that its free e-sourcing tool, WhyAbe.com, has recently expanded its capabilities.

The most robust update gives buyers the means to create multi-line item RFP or reverse auction events by importing event data from Excel, ultimately streamlining and optimizing the RFX process. Suppliers will be able to download event details into Excel and work offline to produce their responses if needed. When completed, they can easily upload the information back into WhyAbe.com for seamless communication with potential buying organizations.

Other enhancements include:

-Ability to export data from the contract management repository
-Offline access to historical RFX event details
-Usability improvements throughout the website

Developed in 2005, WhyAbe.com is a web-based sourcing application that has been helping buyers qualify and solicit information from suppliers. It is free to use and does not require software downloads or licensing agreements. Simply register and start using the tool immediately to browse supplier catalogs, store contracts, conduct RFX and reverse auction events.

For more details, please visit WhyAbe.com.

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