Our Free eSourcing Platform is Retiring

11/12 – WhyAbe is Shutting Down

Source One will Shutdown WhyAbe.com in 2020

Willow Grove, PA (November 12, 2019) – Source One, a Corcentric company will retire WhyAbe.com on December 31, 2019. The retirement of the sourcing tool is symbolic of the industry shift towards more comprehensive e-sourcing solutions to solve Procurement’s evolving supply management needs. In preparation for the tool’s shut down, current users are advised to export all necessary data and encouraged to learn more about Corcentric’s robust Source-to-Pay suite.

When Source One fist introduced WhyAbe, it was a one-of-a-kind solution. The free eSourcing platform made it simple for Procurement teams to connect with suppliers, centralize contracts, and carry out sourcing events without making a hefty investment or committing to a drawn-out implementation process.  “We introduced WhyAbe,” says Corcentric’s Source-to-Pay VP William Dorn, “to provide Procurement professionals with a truly straight forward tool to achieve their supply management objectives. We’re thankful to everyone who made it their preferred solution throughout the last decade-plus.”

As a part of the retirement process, current WhyAbe users should follow these instructions to export and save their data prior to January 1, 2020:


  1. Log in to WhyAbe
  2. Visit the Closed Events page
  3. Click the Excel export link for each event
  4. Follow the hyperlinks on each sheet to retrieve your attachments


  1. Log in to WhyAbe
  2. Visit the Closed Bids page
  3. Print a record of your bids

Source One’s decision to retire WhyAbe comes following Corcentric’s acquisition of Determine and its Source-to-Pay solution. As a fully-equipped solution provider, the firm looks forward to empowering Procurement professionals for many years to come. Dorn continues, “Source One and its clients have evolved beyond what WhyAbe can offer. We hope that everyone who’s benefited from our solution throughout the years takes time to learn about our evolved service offering.”

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